Notes regarding the Life Certificate 2020

If you, as the recipient of a German pension benefit, live abroad, then you will probably be familiar with the annual life certificate that you receive in June/July and then sign and have confirmed by an authority/service before returning the original to Deutsche Post AG Pension Service.

Note: If you live in a country with which electronic reconciliation is performed, you will not regularly receive a life certificate.

These countries are: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Italy, Croatia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland and Spain

Therefore, if you have received a pension adjustment notification without the life certificate form, a life certificate is not required this year. You are not required to take any further action.

Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, both individual freedom of movement and public traffic have been significantly restricted by authorities, banks and other services. Since the possibilities of having a life certificate confirmed are therefore significantly limited, the German pension insurance carriers and Deutsche Post AG Pension Service have agreed simplifications for the life certificate 2020:

a) You received your life certificate by post

If you received the life certificate by post, please check the information in Part A. This contains all of the information we know about you. If this is correct, please sign the life certificate personally and return it to Deutsche Post AG, Pension Service department, 04078 Leipzig, Germany. You can find the exact contact details at the end of this information.

Please try to send the life certificate to Renten Service by the middle of November 2020 at the latest.

b) You have not yet received your life certificate by the middle of August 2020

If you have not received the life certificate form by the middle of August 2020, you can download the life certificate from the Pension Service’s download centre. You can access your form here.

Please complete the life certificate and sign the form personally. Return the life certificate to Deutsche Post AG, Pension Service department, 04078 Leipzig, Germany. You can find the exact contact details at the end of this information. In the event that your life certificate does not reach us in good time, payment of your pension will be suspended at the end of December 2020.

c) Pension recipients, who are not able to complete and sign the life certificate independently

If the pension recipient is not currently able to complete the life certificate personally, a relative or authorised person may fill out and sign the form on their behalf.

In this case, we ask that the person entering the information regarding the pension recipient and signing the life certificate on their behalf also provide their own personal details (first name and last name, address, any other contact details).

If the pension recipient has died, please inform us of the date of death as soon as possible. If possible, please use the Pension Service’s change notification form.


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